Teeth Whitening

At Hanson Dentistry in Independence, MO, we provide fast and efficient teeth whitening that will leave you and your entire family smiling brightly once again. We make a wide range of products and techniques available to patients and families who seek teeth-whitening services. These range from over-the-counter bleaching solutions to a specialized system for treatment of badly discolored teeth.

Our professional staff is committed to helping you find the safest and most effective option for your specific needs. We are proud to offer KOR, a highly regarded whitening system that has the capability to treat even dark tetracycline teeth. If you've unsuccessfully tried over-the-counter products or other dental-whitening procedures, please ask us about the KOR system. We think you'll be pleased with the results.

Whether you are coming in for teeth whitening or a more complex treatment, our experienced staff and doctors will treat you in a professional, compassionate manner, providing the best care possible for you and your mouth.

When it comes to teeth whitening and dental procedures, Independence, MO, turns to the team at Hanson Dentistry. Visit today and find out why!

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